Building and Pest Inspections

So you’ve found that perfect house and you’ve already mentally moved in? Let us thoroughly check it with our Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane Team.

We’ve all been there and believe it or not you have done all the hard work already. This should be a very exciting (and a little stressful) time for you whether it’s your first home or you are an avid property investor. Feel secure that you are purchasing a healthy property and not a lemon someone else is trying to get rid of.

Get a fast free building and pest inspection brisbane quote by Sound Building Inspections

Sound Building and Pest Inspections specialise in Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane

It’s our number one priority to do the most thorough Building and Pest Inspection and to spend all the time needed so you can walk away with the peace of mind knowing that the property is a good buy. We want to remove all the guessing and questions you have about the property so you can enjoy the excitement of buying a new home or your next investment property.

Sit back and relax with Sound Building Inspections.

When booking your Building and Pest Inspection we do all the running around for you.

Our trained booking team will:

  • Answer questions you have about the inspection process
  • Take down your details and the property details
  • Contact the agent and arrange an appointment
  • If Needed – contact tenants to arrange access
  • Invite you to attend the Building Inspection and confirm the appointment time
  • Organise payment prior to the inspection (Credit Card or Direct Deposit).
  • Email your Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane Report to you with 24hrs (Normally same day)

Checklist to go through for a building and pest inspection brisbane by Sound Building Inspections

We like each customer to attend their building and pest inspection.

Being local to Brisbane we try to make it at a convenient time so if possible you can return back to work or pick the kids up from school. A lot of our customers are interstate so don’t fret if you cannot make the inspection. Our Digital Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane Reports are very detailed and contain photos. Here is a sample report. If you don’t attend the inspection you can ask for a Post Building Inspection Brief where our Inspector will call and talk you through their findings. Our general inspection times are 8am, 11am and 2pm but can be changed to accommodate your needs.

Our Standard Equipment

Sound Building Inspections use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a thorough Inspection. Most of what we look for is hidden to the naked eye, so we rely on modern technology and experience.

All our Building and Pest Inspectors carry a range of inspection tools which may include;

  • Thermal Imaging Camera or Thermal Radar
  • Borescope Inspection Camera
  • High Quality Digital Camera
  • Electronic Moisture Meter
  • Acoustic Probe

Our technicians carry a thermal imaging camera to help detect water leaks in a Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane Report.

It’s not always a walk away.

So you love the house and have mentally moved in but there are issues. Don’t fret, Building Defects can be fixed and termite damage can be repaired. Our experienced Inspectors are Master Builders and have the skills available to let you know what is damaged, how to have it fixed and generally how much it’ll cost. This gives you leverage to go back to the Vendor and renegotiate a new contract price.

Free Termite Barrier Quotes

There are alarming statistics out there that 3 in every 5 houses in Australia have active Termites or have had previous Termite Damage when purchased. If active Termites are found we have an amazing company who we can refer to assist you with a Termite Treatment. If previous Termite damage is found then our Building and Pest Inspector can give you a free onsite quote on a Termite Management System for around your house. This is a great tool for negotiating a Termite Barrier into the purchase contract!


So when buying Real Estate in Brisbane get a Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane report by Sound Building Inspections. To Book call 1300TOCHECK (1300862432) or get a Fast Accurate Quote Online