About your Sound Building Inspections team

Not all Building and Pest Inspection Companies are alike and at Sound Building Inspections we believe we are the best of breed.

We are a debt free, Australian based, family run business who has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Being around building works for this amount of time gives us great experience and knowledge on construction methods and structural characteristics of dwellings. We have invested heavily in State-of-the-Art technology that allows our Inspectors to go beyond the Australian Standards for a Visual Inspection.

We are confident to provide the most thorough inspection available on the market and will spend the time needed with you to ensure all questions are answered.

Purchasing a property is an exciting time and we can help assist you in buying your dream home or your next investment property.

Sound Building Inspections is a division of MGA Building Systems Pty Ltd.

Sound Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane offers one of the most thorough Building Inspections on the market. When purchasing a property you can rely on Sound Building Inspections