Needing a Building and Pest Brisbane?

Our Building and Pest Brisbane Team complete one of the most thorough Building and Pest Inspections available to Brisbane customers.

We have invested heavily in digital software that allows photos to be inserted into the reports and have them back to you within 4 hours. Also we have bought each team a Thermal Imaging Camera which allows them to delve deeper into walls without the need to cut holes.

Each team consists of two Building inspectors. One a Master Builder who is licensed and Insured for Building Inspections and a Senior Timber Pest Inspector who is licensed and Insured to carry out Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections. It’s comes down to the age old saying that four eyes are better than two. There is a 200 point checklist that the team adheres to an each Building Inspector alerts the other to areas of concern.

The Building and Pest Brisbane Office can look after all the booking requirements. They can;

  • Answer any questions relating to the Building and Pest Inspection process
  • Book a time with the Real Estate Agent that is convenient for you to attend
  • Arrange access with Tenants (if needed)
  • Organise payment options
  • Email report to you with 4 hours of the Inspection.

The Building and Pest Brisbane Team use Thernal Imaging Cameras for termites and moisture.

So if you are buying property and want sound advice on the health of the house then use our Building and Pest Brisbane Team. Call 1300TOCHECK (1300862432) for more information or use our Online Quote Tool.