Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane and Greater area

When buying real estate in Brisbane make sure you invest in a 
Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane.

At Sound Building Inspections we do both the Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane (Commonly called a Building Inspection) and surrounding suburbs. We have Same Day Digital Report with Photos and include the Building Inspectors contact details so if there are any questions about the report you can call them directly.

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In Queensland, Building Inspections have to be carried out by a licenced and accredited Inspector. Queensland is the only state where this is certification is required. We are completely licenced, insured and are part of the Master Builders Association. It’s not just Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane either, no matter what state the Building Inspection is in, all our technicians are licenced Building Inspectors.

Sound Building Inspections can also do a Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane and surrounding suburbs

Local knowledge is key when doing Building Inspections in Brisbane.

Some suburbs are more prone to Termites or building defects than others and this can be caused by soil types, moisture levels and even surrounding fauna. Our Inspectors are trained to see things that hide from the naked eye. A fresh coat of paint makes a room look like new again but is the paint hiding water damage or structural cracking?

What is involved in the Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane Report?

We abide by and meet all aspects of the Australian Standards for Visual Building and Pest Inspection. To enhance the visual inspection we use state-of-the-art products like thermal imaging or thermal radar. The following areas are included in the inspection;

  • Roof including Roof Void (Ceiling)
  • Walls – both internal and external
  • Doors – both internal and external
  • Windows – both internal and external
  • Floor including subfloor (what is a subfloor)
  • Surrounding gardens including non structural retaining walls (any structural retaining wall needs an structural engineering certificate)
  • Fences
  • Outbuilding (If acknowledged when customer first booked the appointment)

With the Pest Inspection we also comment on Conducive Termite Environments which create an ideal area for termite activity.

The Standard Equipment for Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane Team

Sound Building Inspections use a thermal imaging camera in their building and pest inspection brisbane reportSound Building Inspections use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a thorough Inspection. Most of what we look for is hidden to the naked eye, so we rely on modern technology and experience.

We have had great success in using a thermal imaging camera to detect water damage and termite damage which could normally get missed. A very expensive piece of equipment that no inspection can afford not to have.

All our Building and Pest Inspectors carry a range of inspection tools which may include;

  • Thermal Imaging Camera or Thermal Radar
  • Borescope Inspection Camera
  • High Quality Digital Camera
  • Electronic Moisture Meter
  • Acoustic Probe

So buy with confidence when purchasing Real Estate in Brisbane, make sure you use a reputable company like Sound Building Inspections.  Use you Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane report as your secret weapon when negotiating your contract.  Call 1300TOCHECK (1300862432) or get a Fast Accurate Quote Online