Building Inspections Brisbane – Buyers walk away from DIY

Our Building Inspections Brisbane Team have noticed an increase of buyers walking away from shoddy DIY Home Improvements.

Weekend Warriors doing their own home improvements might be putting themselves at a disadvantage when it comes time to sell. Our Building Inspections Brisbane Team report that when speaking to customers the feedback is detrimental due to poor workmanship. “It’s not only the shoddy work but more so people are not getting changes or add on’s approved by council” says Matt Grieve, our chief Building Inspection for the Brisbane region.

Making changes to a property and not seeking council approval is potentially handing a hand grenade to the new property owner. This can prove costly especially if the council find out and the add on needs to be removed. Don’t think it doesn’t happen.

If there are add ons that are not council approved then you might have to apply for a 149D Building Certificate. We strongly suggest you request all paperwork from the Vendor to better your case with the local council.

A terrible attempt at repairing roof tiles found by our Building Inspections Brisbane Team

A terrible quick fix for leaking roof tiles on a property for sale. Not out of sight for our Building Inspector!

 If you are buying property then get it thoroughly checked by our Building Inspections Brisbane Team. Call Sound Building Inspections on