Frequently asked Questions about Building and Pest Inspections

Sound Building Inspections answers the most frequently asked questions to do with Building and Pest Inspections.

We welcome questions, it’s the best way we can grow as a business and at the same time meet customer expectations. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered below then put it in the comments field below and we will endeavor to answer it.

Hole in timber floor found during Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane

Question 1: Is plumbing and electrical wiring covered in your Building and Pest Inspections?

Answer: The inspector does not inspect the wiring or plumbing. This will need to be done by a licence electrician and plumber. We do test power points, lights and taps. If there is a fault, it will have to be inspected further by a licenced professional.

Question 2: Is a Termite Inspection the same as a Timber Pest Inspection?

Answer: No, there is a vast difference which is explained in greater details on the Pest Inspection in Brisbane page. The Timber Pest Inspection looks for all pest which are detrimental to the integrity of the timbers. A termite inspection is an inspection for termites alone.

Question 3: Do I arrange access to the property myself?

Answer: We find it easier if we look after all the booking details. We will keep you informed during the process. It just seems to be a lot less toing and froing.

Question 4: When will I received the reports?

Answer: You can expect your reports within 24 hours of the inspection, provided the inspection has been paid for.

Question 5: When do I have to make payment for the Inspection.

Answer: Once all details have been confirmed and the appointment has been locked in, then we ask for payment upfront via credit card for direct deposit. All our booking team have access to take payment via credit card electronically. We do not accept American Express.

Question 6: Can I attend the Inspection?

Answer: Yes, most definitely. Chances are you have already seen the dwelling yourself and have seen things you are unsure about. The best thing to do is hear it from the horses mouth. The Inspector will put aside time for you after they finish so you can go through the inspection and have questions answered. If you can not attend (Like most of our interstate buyers they do not attend their Building and Pest Inspections) then we will call you after and go through the finding verbally.

Question 7: Will the Inspector be advising me whether or not I should buy the property?

Answer: It is the inspectors job to go through all the report findings. Being Master Builders they have the skill and knowledge to advise approx costs of damage or building defects. They are not there to advise you whether to purchase the property or whether it’s a good or bad buy.

Question 8: Do you use a Thermal Imaging Camera?

Answer: Most definitely. All our inspectors carry an array of State-of-the-Art tools including a Thermal Imaging Camera. A photo of the difference between the naked eye and a thermal camera can be seen on our Homepage.

Question 9: Are you licenced and insured?

Answer: Yes all of our Inspectors are licenced Builders and carry a current timber pest inspectors licence. Add to that we are a debt free business and are a part of the Master Builders Association. We have $20M cover for Public Indemnity.

Question 10: What is your appointment availability like?

Answer: We generally book out 3 business days in advance. There have been times (more than a few) when we’ve had to do a last minute inspection to accommodate a weekend auction.

Question 11: Do you offer a warranty for this type of service?

Answer: A warranty doesn’t apply to our Building and/or Pest Inspections as we are reporting on the dwelling as it stands on the day of the inspection.

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