Pest Inspection Brisbane – Raised houses lowers termite damage risk

With our Pest Inspection Brisbane we have found a raise floor offers better protection to termites

Homes which have a subfloor give greater visibility to search for Termites in a Pest Inspection Brisbane.

There is an opinion in the industry that houses built on a concrete slab are better protected against a termites than homes with a sub floor. This is not the case and it all comes down to visibility.

A crack in concrete as small as 2mm can let Termites into your home and if plumbing collars are not installed correctly around piping and drains then this is another hot spot.

With a Subfloor a Building Inspector can go underneath (providing there are no obstructions) and look for Termite mud leads. Having a Termite Inspection completed every 12 months will lesson the risk of expensive termite damage.

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