Pest Inspection Brisbane and surrounding areas

Sound Building Inspections also does a stand-alone
Pest Inspection Brisbane.

It’s not uncommon for a customer to have a friend or family member who is a builder and offers to do the Building Inspection. We are more than happy to assist and only do the Pest Inspection Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

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A Pest Inspection in the “Industry” is formally a called a Timber Pest Inspection, or even a Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection. It is not a Termite Inspection! We often get asked what is the difference between and Timber Pest Inspection and a Termite Inspection. Here is the answer.

Sound Building Inspections can also do a stand alone Timber Pest Inspection Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

A Timber Pest Inspection (Commonly called a Pest Inspection)

Is a super charged Termite Inspection. The Building inspector looks for a variety of Timber Pests which are going to be detrimental to the health of the timbers or structural integrity of the dwelling.

These Include:

  • Termites
  • Wood Borers
  • Fungus
  • Decay
  • Wood Rot
  • Mould

Sound Building Inspections pest inspection brisbane will show up any conducive environments for termites.Another stand out is how the inspection pays attention to “Conducive Environments”. A conducive environment is an environment that is favourable, contributing or helping. With property, moisture plays a huge factor is creating environments favourable to Timber Pests. Poor soil drainage, damaged guttering and down pipes, stored timber, even your hot water service leaking onto the ground are all helping create an area around your house perfect for Termites (also known as White Ants) and other Timber Pests.

A Termite Inspection (Can be known as a White Ant Inspection)

A Termite report, as mentioned above isn’t as involved as a Timber Pest Inspection. It still is an extremely important and significant Inspection and the CSIRO reports that is Australia, Termites do more damage to houses than flood, fire or storms. That being said when you are about to purchase a house worth hundreds of thousands of dollars then you need the most thorough of inspections and that is a Timber Pest Inspection (which does includes Termites).

Sound Building Inspections conducts the Pest Inspection Brisbane report in accordance of Australian Standard 4349.3-1998. We enhance this visual inspection with State-of-the-Art technology such as thermal imaging cameras.

Our Timber Pest Inspectors carry numerous tools which assist them seeing damage normally not visible to the naked eye.

This includes;

  • Thermal imaging camera
  • High resolution digital camera
  • Borescope
  • Electronic moisture meter
  • Acoustic probe

They inspect all accessible areas of your property inside and out and this includes fence lines within 30 meters from the house. The inspector uses a systematic 200 point check list and goes from room to room. This system creates a very thorough inspection.

So when purchasing a property in Brisbane, please consider as a minimum a Pest Inspection Brisbane Report. Sound Building Inspections we pride ourselves on giving you’re the most thorough Pest Inspection and answering any questions you have about the property. Call 1300TOCHECK (1300862432) or get a Fast Accurate Quote Online