Pest Inspection Gold Coast

Real Estate on the Gold Coast is busy with activity but so are Termites. When buying your property have it thoroughly checked. Our Pest Inspection Gold Coast Team used the most advanced equipment in the industry and are back by years of local knowledge.

Our Pest Inspection Gold Coast Team finds active termites in floor

Sound Building Inspections is a debt free Australian business that specialises in pre purchase Pest Inspections. Most Termite or Timber Pest activity is naked to the eye and by the time you can see it, the problem is normally expensive to fix. Our house inspections consists of a 200 point check list in addition to a thermal imaging camera.

Our booking team will do all the running around for you, so you don’t have to worry about calling around. Just let us know what time suits you and we will do the rest.

Termites and Timber Pests

Our Pest Inspection Gold Coast Report will identify Past, Present and FUTURE activity. Our Pest Inspector will report on “Conducive Environments” around the house that are likely to attract unwanted Termite attention. These can be as simple as high moisture areas caused by air conditioning units, hot water systems and broken down pipes leaking on the ground. It might not sound overly alarming to you but it is a big neon sign showing Termites the best way into the property.

Same day digital reports

Get your hands on the Pest Inspection Gold Coast reports, same day! Our digital reports include photos of areas of concern, along with recommendations on what to do next. Normally within a few hours of the Pest Inspection you will receive your reports via email.

State of the Art Equipment

On the Gold Coast our Pest Inspectors use an array of the following equipment;

  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • High Resolution Digital Camera
  • Evasive Inspection Boroscope
  • Acoustic Sounding Probe
  • Digital Moisture Meter

So when looking for a place to buy make sure it’s healthy and termite free. Utilise our Pest Inspection Gold Coast Report and have confidence you are well informed. Call 1300TOCHECK (1300862432) to book an appointment or use our Fast Accurate Quote Form.