Ten hot building and pest inspection tips

Sound Building Inspections provides Ten Hot Building and Pest Inspection TipsTo us, by you clicking on this page means you are interested in putting yourself in the best position to buy that perfect property. We love that! So below are our ten hot building and pest inspection tips. Enjoy!

Building and Pest Inspection Tips by Pest Inspector


1. If active termites or previous termite damage is found then we can give you a free quote on installing a termite barrier. This a great tool for getting a termite management system in your contract sale price.

2. Get a general pest control treatment. There are a few weeks where the house will sit empty. This presents a great opportunity to have a very thorough general pest treatment done. Of course this is something we can arrange for you. Most Real Estate agents will grant us access to do a treatment before settlement.

3. It’s not always a walk away! Sometimes this can be leverage. Depending on the level of building defects or pest damage, this can be a great way of renegotiating a new contract price. Do not be scared of asking for a price reduction – they can only say no.  Most defects or damage is repairable. You have to make the decision whether the repair job is within your skillset or budget.

4. Depending on your personal situation, negotiate the longest building and pest clause in your contract. Why? Because it gives you breathing space. If things show up in the report that need to be fixed then getting quotes can take time. A trades person isn’t going to down tools to travel across town to quote on your cracked drive way.

5. The Building and Pest Inspection Report is your leverage. Don’t go showing your report to other parties involved in the sale.

6. Our Building and Pest Inspection Tips are just the start. You can ask our inspectors all of your questions to get a better understanding of what is happen.

7. Be wary of stored timber especially underneath the house in the subfloor. This creates a conducive environment perfect for termites.

8. If tenanted, where possible get them to move stored items away from walls. We cannot inspect when walls are obstructed.

9. Ask the Real Estate agent to bring all the keys to any out buildings or garages. There have been a few (enough to merit mentioning here) times where we couldn’t get access to a locked garage.

And probably the most important tip

10. There is plenty more coral in the sea. It’s hard to not get emotionally attached. Use our Building and Pest report to help make the right decision. Just don’t buy a lemon because you love the walk in robe.

Of course this depends on your current personal and financial situation and should only be used as a guide.

If you would like to share your own building and pest inspection tips then add them below.

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