The Pest Inspection Brisbane Report advises on conducive environments

Areas which are conducive to Timber Pests will be shown in your Pest Inspection Brisbane Report.

Termites, amongst other timber pests can cause a lot of damage to your property and did you know you could be attracting them yourself?

What is a Conducive Environment?

Con·du·cive tending to produce, conducing, contributive, helpful, favorable.

Pest Inspection Brisbane finds leaking pipes creating a conducive enviromentWe use it within the context of an area of your property which is producing an environment favourable to a timber pest infestation. Our Pest Inspection Brisbane Report looks for areas of concern like stored timbers under or along side of the house, poor drainage from broken guttering and down pipes, air conditioning units and hot water services leaking onto the ground. These all cause high moisture areas which termites and other timber pests love.

Sometimes you will need the help of a licenced trades person to fix the said area and this should definitely reduce the risk of a Timber Pest attack.

So go through your Pest Inspection Brisbane Report, seek out the conducive environments and have them removed. All our Inspectors are Master Builders and can help with repairing Timber Pest Damage. Call 1300TOCHECK (1300862432) or get a Fast Accurate Quote Online