Thermal Camera used in our Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane Report

Our Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane Report is extremely thorough because all our Inspectors use State-of-the-Art Equipment.

Australian Standards ask for a visual inspection to be carried out but at Sound Building Inspections we like to investigate further into it. Part of the Inspectors array of tools is a Digital Thermal Imaging Camera. We like to stay ahead of the pack and welcome new advances in technology, even when they are a considerable investment (Each costing $4000+). It’s also understandable why most of our Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane work is from customer referrals.

Why a Thermal Imaging Camera?

Excessive moisture spells disaster for any property unless you are a mermaid. High moisture can be caused by a number of issues and they normally are;

  • Leaking water pipes
  • Leaking roof mounted hot water systems
  • Damaged drain pipes
  • Root damaged drain pipes
  • Broken water proof membranes (Showers)
  • Broken appliances (Dish washers and Washing machines)
  • Poor ventilation in wet areas
  • Leaking sinks
  • Previous flooding

At Sound Building Inspections all Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane use a thermal camera in the inspections.A normal moisture meter can alert the Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane Inspector to areas of concern but is that really enough? Have you ever used a stud finder and been frustrated when you can not accurately work out where the edge on the timber stud is? I have been there and wish I could just see through the wall. Well that’s where the thermal camera comes in extremely handy.

Rather than saying there is high moisture within a wall, we can actually see where the entry and exist of the water damage is occurring. Plus termites love damp timber and where there has been excessive moisture for a long period of time usually means there is a good chance of termite activity. This is a called a conducive environment. More can be learnt about this on a Conducive Environments page.

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