Pest Inspection – What can attract termites to your home

The Part of the Pest Inspection most popular with customers is the reporting on future Termite and Timber Pest attack.

Known in the industry as a Conducive Environment, these are areas around your house which will attract unwanted Termite (Also known as White Ants) activity. The good news is it’s easy to reduce your termite risk with a bit of simple house keeping. The Pest Inspection Report will grade your level of risk within the 5 following levels;

  • Low
  • Low to Moderate
  • Moderate
  • Moderate to High
  • High

If your place comes in at moderate or higher we strongly suggest looking into a Termite Barrier. Otherwise rectifying the advised problem causes can reduce the risk.

Here are a few examples of Conducive Environments from previous Pest Inspections.

Internally, a slow leaking pipe or broken water proof membrane produces an environment conducive to termites. That is why we strongly recommend an annual Termite Inspection, Peace of mind for around $180 a year.

The report refers to Timber Pests being;

  • Termites
  • Wood Borers
  • Wood Rot
  • Timber Fungis
  • Wood Decay

So when purchasing a property think of Sound Building Inspections to conduct a thorough Pest Inspection. We can be reached on 1300TOCHECK (1300862432) or fill in our Online Form for a fast accurate quote.